5 Reel Drive is the perfect game for all those people who long for the freedom of the open road, all while wanting bright lights, excitement, and the promise of hefty payouts with every spin of the wheel. Sound like you? Then come on down and enjoy the newest five reel, nine payline, nine coin slot machine today, 5 Reel Drive.

The highway is a classic image, bringing to our minds the people who confront new lands, people who wander, and people who race through the vast white emptiness, looking for adventure. 5 Reel Drive uses this imagery to create a special kind of online slot game, one that transports you back to images of Jack Kerouac and the immense wide freedom that any person wants to feel these days.

The wild symbol, the symbol that can substitute for anything else (other than the Police car) to make winning combinations is appropriately called The Winding Road. The Police Car is a scatter symbol, meaning that it brings you a win if it appears in any position on any of the five reels. This game also gives you the chance to increase your winnings – for every coin you bet, you enable another payline, so this game definitely favors the fearless at heart. The jackpots very easily increase in size as your luck improves – the maximum jackpot is a staggering 10,000 coins!

There is, of course, a chance for beginners to play this as a free slots game. This helps new players, especially those who’ve never played casino games before, to get the hang of something new before they decide to risk their money. While they play free casino slots, of course, the seasoned gamblers among us will have already won piles of cash! So come join us – take a road trip with 5 Reel Drive – you might just find yourself, or a sackful of money, along that long and winding road to online slots!