Aces and Faces Slot is a perfect blend of two great online bitcoin casino classics – video poker and slots. If you’re into both slots and poker, then this is, without the shadow of a doubt, the perfect game for you. It combines the fast-paced, lightning-fast reactions of slots with the methodical and careful calculation of odds that lies at the heart of video poker. So sit yourself down in front of two great games at once and start playing Aces and Faces Slot today.

Aces and Faces Slot is strongly influenced by that most classic of poker variations, Jacks or better. This started as a classic form of draw poker, and was then absorbed into video poker when the game got an entirely new modern twist. Like in classic video poker, the payouts are based on the actual hand you hold – the initial deal is followed by your discard, then you show down hands with the dealer (your only opponent) and whoever has the best hand, wins! As the name of this casino game implies, it especially favors combinations of face cards, which can increase your winnings dramatically. 4 Aces will pay you out 400 times your initial bet!

Aces and Faces Slot has been designed to be visually pleasing, with a pleasant retro feel. The quality of the graphics is excellent, which is especially impressive since this game is meant to be played online, either to win real cash or as a free slots game. For complete beginners, you’d probably want the latter option just to get the hang of it, while the more experienced gamblers go straight for the big wins and fabulous prizes that wait for you in this action-packed video poker game. So don’t delay – come join us to play Aces and Faces Slot and other great online slots today!